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DENSE is a brand focused on giving people an opportunity to live a healthier and stronger life. Animal foods represent the most nutritious sources of bioavailable vitamins and minerals, so including these in our diet is an excellent way to nourish ourselves on a daily basis. A "nose-to-tail" diet is optimal for our health, and as a bonus, it's also a very sustainable way of eating. The products contain no unnecessary ingredients.

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  • €59.90
  • Dense Bone Broth 500 g
  • Dense Beef Heart 180 capsules
  • €29.90
  • €39.90
  • €39.90
  • Dense Electrolytes Natural 30 pieces
  • Dense Collagen 500 g
  • Bottle with Närokällan Lion's ManeBottle with Närokällan Lion's Mane

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  • Dense Beef Testicles med Oysters & Liver
  • Dense Beef Protein Chocolate
  • Bottle with Dense Colostrum

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