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Oils & Fats

Oils & Fats

Healthy fats and oils are essential for a balanced diet and well-being. Examples of these include olive oil, rich in monounsaturated fats, and avocado oil, which contains healthy fats and fiber. Fats with a high smoke point are preferred for cooking because they can be exposed to high temperatures without breaking down and forming harmful substances.

At high temperatures, fats with a low smoke point, such as margarine and butter, can begin to break down and develop a smoky flavor and potentially form harmful substances. Fat sources with a high smoke point, such as ghee, marrow fat or avocado oil, are more stable at high temperatures and are better suited for frying, frying and grilling. It is therefore desirable to choose fat sources with a high smoke point for cooking at high temperatures to ensure a healthy and tasty meal.

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