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Let us introduce you to our body and skin care range from Zechsal. The base in almost all the products is magnesium. Zechsal uses the purest forms of magnesium in all its products. Zechsal offers a range of products where magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin. The product range includes bath crystals, oil, gels and caring special products for different contexts. Zechsal's products meet high purity standards and are of therapeutic quality and are not tested on animals and come in sustainable packaging.

Zechsal minerals are extracted from the unique salt layer from the Zechstein Sea off the northern Netherlands and up the North Sea. These are the remains of an ocean that evaporated more than 250 million years ago. The source is recognized as the purest and most concentrated and mainly provides magnesium chloride which is easily absorbed through the skin.

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  • Zechsal magnesium gel 125 mL
  • Zechsal magnesium body cream 125 mL
  • Zechsal magnesium hair & body wash 200 mL
  • Zechsal magnesium foot bath 750 g
  • Zechsal magnesium body bath 2 kg
  • Zechsal magnesium deluxe 4 kg
  • Zechsal magnesium deodorant
  • Zechsal sodium bicarbonate 1 kg
  • Bottle with Närokällan Lion's ManeBottle with Närokällan Lion's Mane

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  • Zechsal Magnesium bisglycinate 200 g
  • Zechsal magnesium refill pack 4kg
  • Zechsallsport gel 100 ml
  • Zechsal MCM-gel 100 ml

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