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Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic Sea Salt® provides the perfect balance of naturally occurring minerals with sodium to give you a superior, distinct and elegant taste. No wonder it is the first choice of famous chefs all over the world. Use Celtic Sea Salt® salts for all your cooking and season as needed. Enrich the taste of your food while adding essential nutrients to your diet. A taste you will never forget and will always be satisfied with. Celtic Sea Salt® is so much more than ordinary table salt.

These sea salts have been inspected and approved to meet quality requirements that live up to high expectations. A traditionally produced salt takes at least 7 years to produce in specific salt ponds.

The company also supports communities for sustainable agriculture worldwide. In fact, the company personally visits all the seaside locations from which the sea salts are harvested. This careful monitoring of production ensures the superior quality of salts from Celtic Sea Salt®. Each nutritiously delicious grain of these gourmet sea salts is packaged with care in its own GMP (Certified Current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. You even go one step further. All salt is scientifically analyzed by a certified third-party laboratory.

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